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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer
The ideal candidate needs to work well in teams, be comfortable working on a variety of software systems and wearing multiple hats, and enjoy working in complex and ambiguous technology areas that involve the latest technologies that will define web3 consumer experiences.

Key Responsibilities:
• Able to create website utilizing frameworks for both front-end and back-end
applications including database structures, front-end optimizations
• Extensive knowledge of front-end and back-end coding languages,
development frameworks, and third-party libraries.
• Familiar with Agile methodologies and Full Life Cycle Software
Primary Requirements:
• Minimum of 4+ Years Experience with Node, JS Frameworks/Libraries
such as React, Bootstrap, Express, Next and GraphQL, PHP, Java,
Three.js, API integrations
• Minimum of 3+ Years Experience in Web3 including various SDKs for
delivering DAPPs
• Minimum of 3+ Years Experience in Solidity, Python
• Minimum of 2+ Years Experience with AWS, DB (Dynamo, RDS, MySql)
• Deep understanding of technologies of Web3 including NFTs, smart
contracts, blockchain, and the general crypto use cases I
• Experience working with 3d Models, Interactions and WebGL, major plus
• Ability to advocate for the best solutions, achieve consensus, and
come up with solutions for executing on feature development
• Game development with game engines such as UNITY + C#
experience a plus
• Able to work in the United States (remote)

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