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Looking for a bad-ass UI/UX individual for our core team

RockPotato Labs is a new NFT collection on Solana with quality art, professional team, and amazing product idea to benefit the ecosystem. We are building collaboration and discovery platform for NFT artists, builders, and brands with unique features and tools bringing productivity to web3 space. For artists and project owners, RockPotato Labs has already built a workable product for collaboration on NFT collection development with no-code tools for collection generation, and will further include ability to mint mini collection right from the cloud-based application. For the discovery phase, we are brining IRL brands to partner with our platform in events that connect brands managers with up-and-coming NFT artists, builders, and influences for open collaboration using our platform, which provide incredible opportunity for web3 talent to get real-life exposure, build reputation in the space with real brands, and earn directly working on web3 products such as NFT collections.

We are looking for a serious front end developer to join our startup and take Solana ecosystem tools to another level. You will be working with an experienced team with previous startup experience and directly with product owner to develop the beta platform which will be used in first exclusive event with a featured IRL brand from East Coast US. Must-have skills are creativity in UI/UX, ability to create clean yet functional front-end components based on the framework you are comfortable with, passion for the NFT industry, and experience working in startup environment. This is an awesome opportunity to partner with product team that is able to execute on ANY project, web3 and beyond, backed by existing experience across many industries.

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